Revesible carried ploughs of SUKOV type SKR Roto - Spring are intended to ploughing of lands without plough up and folds on plain lands and slopes up to 10 with folding of furrow slice against the slope. They are suitable behind tractors 45-100KW (60 – 135HP).

SKR Roto – Spring

SKR Roto – Spring 2+ 2+1 3+ 3+1
Weight [kg] 854 1068 1072 1282
Span between bodies [mm] 850 850 850 850
Cut [cm] 30-35-40 30-35-40 30-35-40 30-35-40

*Weight of ploughs without accessories.

Ploughing depth can be continuously changed by control screw. The rolling coulters can be adjusted in height and laterally, too. On entry to stone the plough-shares are secured by continuous protection. The protection smooth running is ensured by leaf spring. The plough is reversed by hydraulic roller by means of hydraulic automatic roller reversing, which is controlled by lever from tractor hydraulic external circuit. The first-share cut adjustment elements for the total cut and plough depth are easily controlled. Lateral adjustment of the plough is performed by two adjustable limit screws. The stability of the plough at rest is ensure by tilted support.

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