SmartSort color sorters combine cutting-edge components and advanced solutions in sorting algorithms at the most attractive price. SmartSort has been designed to be the best investment for your business.

SmartSort color sorter

Parameter Smartsort 1 Smartsort 2 Smartsort 3
1 Channels 54 108 162
2 Production capacity (wheat), tons per hour, min * 4 8 12
3 Cleanness coef., %, min * 99,5
4 CCD-matrix resolution (per chute), pixel 2048
5 Power voltage, V 220±5%
6 Power line frequency, Hz 50±1
7 Nominal power, kW 0,6 0,8 1,0
8 Air pressure, MPa 0,6
9 Air consumption for the technical process, m3/h, max 65 130 195
10 Environment temperature, °С from 5 to 40
11 Relative air humidity at 25 °С, % from 20 to 80
12 Air consumption for aspiration, m3/h, max 1800
13 Dimensions, mm, max: length 1488
width 1500
height 1980
14 Weight, kg, max 550 600 650
15 Electric shock protection class I
16 IP of the electric equipment IP54
17 Service life, years 5
18 Period of storing, years, max 2
19 Operational life, h 41000
20 Noise level at the workplace, dBA, max 80
21 Workplace level of vibration acceleration corrected by frequency, dB, max
  • Control - Self-intuitive menu of the operator′s panel with user-friendly interface and high degree of visualization simplifies and facilitates the work of the operator. The machine start-up is carried out by one touch.
  • Block-modular Design - Smartsort is ready to double or even triple production capacity on the basis of the already existing color sorter. This helps to save funds threefold as compared to the purchase of a new color sorter as well as to minimize the factory floor footprint and avoid dismantling the old equipment and acquisition of additional transport mechanisms.
  • Stable performance under any conditions - Equipped with a built-in cooling system color sorters are ready for operation in hot and dusty environment, while the excessive pressure in the body prevents the sorter from dust.
  • Industrial Light Signal - Enables a quick visual tracing of the apparatus condition at a distance in the following modes: sorting, standby, error or emergency.
  • Ultimate sorting solution for maximum yields and economic efficiency.
  • 99,9% product purity after sorting.
  • Neural algorithm for the most challenging sorting tasks.
  • One color sorter for various sorting applications.
  • Possibility to double or triple production capacity on the basis of the already installed machine.

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